Governance. Diversification. Opportunity. PharmaCan conducts extensive research and due diligence to identify the best investment opportunities. PharmaCan invests in best in class companies and management teams.


Research & Due Dilligence

  • Several years of extensive research and due diligence into both the MMAR and MMPR
  • Management has evaluated and completed site visits to hundreds of prospective investees


  • Invest in and partner with superior management teams with a proven track record
  • Seek to have a strong alignment of interests with management
  • Support investees with resources and expertise, to improve performance

Business Plan

  • Strong business plans, including a persuasive marketing and distribution strategy, with a dear understanding of how to develop brand awareness within permitted regulations
  • Sound budgets and forecasts that reflect a sophisticated understanding of the industry

Investment Cycle

  • Investments are staged to provide immediate working capital for its investees, while holding back significant proceeds until milestones are achieved, to further align interests with management


  • Unique national approach continues to develop a portfolio of regionally diversified Licensed Producers from across Canada


  • Pursue investments in companies that share its goal of instilling industry leading standards of governance
  • Seek Board representation consistent with the size of the investment, but do not need control


  • Supports investees through management consultation to complement their existing team and expertise, while encouraging peer support and collegiality amongst its investees and other industry participants